Proposals by developers have been released and licenses may be awarded this year -- a look at what is going on with developing a casino within New York…
Thoughts on the recently released “New” New York plan and assessment of the challenges facing New York City at the close of 2022.
Nearly three years after the first cases of COVID-19, U.S. cities are still perplexed about the future of their business districts.
Despite the shock to government finances caused by the pandemic, states have not reduced capital spending.
After decades of fiscal stress, a state appointed receiver filed for bankruptcy protection on behalf of the city of Chester, PA.
A look at some of the public finance related ballot questions to keep an eye on during this week’s elections.
States have received over $100 billion of additional aid from an increase in the federal Medicaid match rate – that could soon end.
Transition to EVs is important to reduce GHG emissions, but is the U.S. prepared for the externalities?
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