After decades of fiscal stress, a state appointed receiver filed for bankruptcy protection on behalf of the city of Chester, PA.
A look at some of the public finance related ballot questions to keep an eye on during this week’s elections.
States have received over $100 billion of additional aid from an increase in the federal Medicaid match rate – that could soon end.
Transition to EVs is important to reduce GHG emissions, but is the U.S. prepared for the externalities?
Federal assistance during the pandemic slowed rural hospital closures to only six the past two years - things could get worse in 2023.
Rising home heating oil prices, fewer snowplow drivers, and potentially "above normal" snow this winter may impact the Northeast.
Immigrants need social services, English language instruction, and shelter services from an already strained system -- more help is needed.
It has been two and a half years since the pandemic began, but cities have a long way to go before reaching a "new normal."
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